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How to easily make a money transfer to Poland?

If you're looking for a way to make an international money transfer to Poland:

  • with low and clear fees;

  • with profitable currencies exchange rates;

  • which is easy to make.

We recommend


After logging in to you choose "Send money" and you will see a screen similar to the above one.

You need to:

  1. Change the target currency to PLN - no 1 in the picture.

  2. You probably can see your local currency, if not change it to it -  no 2 in the picture.

  3. Put the amount in PLN you want to transfer here (no 3 in the picture) - it's the only value you need to enter. The fees and the amount in your local currency are calculated automatically by

  4. Choose the source of money (debit/credit card or transfer from your bank account) - no 4 in the picture.

Below you can see an example screen for a transfer of PLN 1180 from USD added with a debit card.

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